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What if I told you this reality is a mass dream and that, as soon as you grasp that concept, you will be able to assert more creative control over how your personal reality looks like? We can see dreams as parallel realities created through our thought forms just as this physical reality is.

From my experience and research, we sometimes have "regular" dreams to help us process emotions or deliver messages - some can even be premonitory of prophetic in nature. Otherwise, we can experience interdimensional travel or trainings which take us to other realities other than the astral realm. In either case, there is no such thing as an insignificant dream ! 



  • Access to vital information not readily available during waking periods

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Self-healing through confronting and processing your emotions

  • Guide you through difficult decisions, relationship issues, health concerns, career questions or life struggles

  • Help you become more assertive and confident

  • Improve your creativity


(it's just a matter of remembering)

Dreams are a very powerful tool for data retrieval and healing purposes. I can provide you with useful tips and guidance so you can learn how to better access your dreams and/or interpret them. 

My method is based on Carl Jung's dream work with a more multi-dimensional perspective based on my direct cognition and experience. You will get much more than just a traditional dream interpretation. There is always a takeaway message from the spirit realm for the dreamer !