Hello ! My name is Ixel, named after the Mayan “Rainbow Woman” or goddess of fertility, love, and healing (often spelled Ixchel). I have spent most of my life travelling, mostly between Mexico, the United States and France. I have a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialty in International Business. I was recently working on a doctoral thesis in Psychology with a focus on Creativity at the University of Paris, but I decided to redirect my career path to focus full time on what I like doing the most - dream work, energy healing and guidance. 

This came about after years of trying to “fit in” society and feeling like I was alone in the world, I finally realized that the reason I felt this need to search for things externally was because I had lost the connection with my TRUE self. Once I identified this being due to to past trauma (childhood, adolescence and past life) I decided to begin the journey of healing through shadow work and dna activations. I discovered Bioregenesis and learned how practically everything we’ve been programmed to believe is backwards or distorted.


I soon understood my job is not to “fit in” or try to change the world, but rather to emit a frequency and provide guidance for those who are looking to go deeper within themselves to unlock their full potential. 

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"The only reason you feel alone is because you've lost the connection with yourself."

My Mission

I’m here to inspire, assist, provide guidance, and spark people’s DNA activations so we can align with our highest potential and build a conscious society together. 

In this co-creative process, I provide personalized one-on-one sessions according to your needs and frequency. All my services and transmissions are in alignment with base-12 Eternal Life principles that will assist in aligning you further with your personal eternal blueprint and potential as a self-sustaining eternal life being.

You can book a free discovery call with me if you’d like to connect and discover ways in which we can potentially work together. Look forward to meeting you!