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In this experiential course, Ixel and Awsun present practical ways to apply shadow work in your everyday life to practice accountability and responsibility of your reality moment to moment. They also guide you through a few exercises to determine where you're at in your shadow work so you can take the necessary action steps to access the next level of your personal journey.

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Personalized one-on-one sessions according to your needs. I offer a unique approach to bring more clarity on the action steps you can take in order to reach your highest potential.

I strive to provide much more than traditional life coaching approaches.

Episode 17 REPLAY

In this episode I interview two amazing ladies - Siobhán and Filipa. We talk about how we've connected with each other and other people through fox synchronicities as well as other topics such as free will, energy work, and what it means to follow your "higher mission."

Siobhán is an adventurer, sound healer and podcaster. Check out her content :

IG :
Podcast :

Filipa is a Natural Gynecologist and Energy Worker. Check out her products and content at :

IG :
Website :

Listen to the latest episode of The Dream Podcast

The aim of The Dream Podcast is to inspire people and encourage them to connect with their highest potential through consciousness expansion. I like bridging the gap between spirituality and science in topics revolving around dream work, quantum mechanics, and spiritual science.

YouTube Channel (recorded podcast episodes, intuitive card readings & workshops)

Here you will find the replay of the shows that were recorded from Season 2 of The Dream Podcast as well as an Intuitive Card Reading Series and Workshops.

DreamSpace Check-In #2 : Bedtime Routines

In case you missed it ! Here are the topics that were covered in last weekend's workshop :

* What are bedtime practices or routines ?
* How to do effective journaling
* Dream Incubation
* Meditation & Shielding Techniques
* Sharing of experiences and dream interpretation with participants

Join us next time, this is a FREE online Zoom event I will continue hosting ;)

DreamSpace Check-In REPLAY

In case you missed it !
We went through dreamwork basics and did mini-dream interpretations. The experiences shared and the connections made were very enriching, so grateful !

Hope to see you there for the next event ;)

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Skystrology invites you to look up, to acknowledge the true placements of the heavenly bodies and reconnect yourself spiritually and physically with their empowering and natural energies.
The founder of Skystrology, Claudette Outland aka Cloudette uses TheOUTLANDMethod to show you how to "take your power back" from western programs that are not aligned to the priceless value of your Soul.