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What are DreamScripts ?

I designed DreamScripts to outline the dramatic structure of any dream with the purpose of assisting you in identifying the messages they carry and how you can use this valuable information in your personal growth journey. 


You decide how deep you want to go with your dreams ! I offer 3 levels of services :

"Discovery" (Free)


"Deep Dive" 

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Identify what category the dream you want to share falls into (Poem, Short Story or Novel) and click on the arrow on the cloud. 

A dream image composed of one scene and no particular plot.


A few dream images with a short plot or drama that may lack one or more components.

Short Story


A dream with several scenes and a plot with clear beginning (exposition) middle (crisis) and end (outcome or catastrophe).

"A dream is a theatre in which the dreamer is the scene, the author, the public and the critic."
- Edward C. Whitmont