"Discovery" (Free)


Get started with the basics of dream interpretation and obtain a message from the metaphysical that will assist you in your journey. 



A more detailed analysis of your dream energies and their interpretation through dialogue and Word Association. More messages from the metaphysical and further guidance to help you step into the next level of your journey.

"Deep Dive" 


A more in-depth and thorough analysis (identification of blind spots and areas of potential integration and growth), energy work (identifying and working on areas in your physical body that may need attention), extensive guidance (through Word Association, Active Imagination and Directed Waking Dream Method), in-depth messages and identification of clear action steps to align you with your highest potential (includes a follow-up session free of charge). 

All services include a DreamScript in PDF format for you to revisit with a summary, key workds and message(s) from both the dreamscape and downloaded from me.

DreamScript (1)_edited_edited.jpg
DreamScript (2)_edited_edited.jpg